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crystallized by sonia

Malla necklace with gemstones and Gold filled,Amber ,Emerald ,Ruby ,Sugilite ,Black pearls ,Turquoise

Malla necklace with gemstones and Gold filled,Amber ,Emerald ,Ruby ,Sugilite ,Black pearls ,Turquoise

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Unique piece of art ,spacial collection of gem stone with a strong healing properties

Amber -Eases painful teething in babies, Balances mind-body-spirit.

Emerald - enhances unconditional love, bringing harmony to all areas of ones life.

Ruby - vitality and life force, passion and love.

Sugilite - enhancing your channeling and psychic abilities, have a great power of

protection and attraction.

Pearl - symbolizes purity, increases fertility and eases childbirth.

Turquoise- represent wisdom and tranquillity, protection and hope.

Gold filled is 5% gold mix with base metal,
It is much thicker than gold plated
It is a great replacement for gold as it is much cheaper and looks great, if you will take good care of it and make sure it does not touch chemicals the gold color will remain for a very long time.
Does not irritate the skin and behaves like it is gold for sensitive people

handmade, unique piece, one of a kind

Will arrive in a beautiful complimentary gift box



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