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Everything that exists on earth

is energy


Everything that exists on earth is energy

We humans walk within a physical body, but this whole system is not just activated by matter, every person has intertwined energy bodies that affect our physical and mental state, they are called subtle energies.

two of them are quite familiar to many People : the chakras and the aura.

When our body is sick and not in balance, the subtle energies are not in balance either , and vice versa

when these energy centers are healthy, so is the body.

I treat with unconventional holistic medicine that can help a person reactivate the mechanism of the physical body, the aura, and chakras to return to their balanced state , and thus our energy flow will operate in an optimal state for achieving physical and mental health.

I use a variety of different tools and ways I have learned over the years from healers and great masters around the world, I use a lot of crystals and gems.

this type of treatment is called crystal healing, Accompanied by various musical instruments with healing vibration

this treatment is included as a vibrational medicine

Throughout the treatment I will place crystals and gems along all the chakras and along the body ,Plays instruments such as Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, various shakers and more ...

During the treatment I guide through meditation and help the patient to enter a different consciousness and develop to receive the cosmic guidance and absorb the healing

There are people who experience visions from magical worlds, or recall experiences they forgot about and never understood how much this experience affects them in their lives today.

At the end of the treatment experience you feel release, and personal empowerment

and most importantly experience relaxation

I define it as a spa for the soul Like when the body hurts we go to the spa ,so this treatment affects the mind and soul and finally the body heals

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