Greetings, I'm Sonia Sabag Bot, the visionary behind Crystallized By Sonia, a brand that took root in 1995. My artistic journey began in my youth, weaving intricate patterns with threads, evolving into a profound love for designing jewelry,clothing and leather fashion accessories.

My heart has always had a special place for the beauty of crystals and gems. I'm deeply attuned to their energies and I find immense joy in sharing their mystical qualities with the world through my exquisite jewelry creations.

Today, my brand encompasses a diverse range of handcrafted treasures, from jewelry that sparkles with the magic of stones to handbags, and accessories - all designed and crafted with love.

I'm thrilled to present these one-of-a-kind pieces to you 🙏. Crystallized By Sonia was born with a singular mission: to offer a top-tier, intelligent, and dependable online store that brings my artistic vision to life.

My creative spirit is strongly influenced by the Bohemian world, celebrating the rich tapestry of cultural craftsmanship and diversity. Over the years, I've embarked on breathtaking journeys around the world, immersing myself in various cultures and learning from the incredible people I've met. This cultural exchange has shaped my work, infusing it with the essence of local creativity and healing ceremonies with indigenous tools.

Beyond crafting jewelry and fashion, I've delved into the realm of healing. Drawing wisdom from extraordinary teachers and healers worldwide, I've developed unique methods that blend crystals, colors, and healing instruments to promote well-being and balance.

My adoration for feathers has grown immensely 🦅. Their energy and vibrant colors have captured my heart, leading me on a quest to source feathers from the wild. Each feather, a gift from the birds themselves, has become part of my smudging fans, which are now available in our store.

This is not just my passion; it's my life's journey. I'm driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence that has fueled me from the very beginning and continues to push me forward. Every product I create is a testament to this unwavering commitment, and I aim to make your shopping experience as enriching as the treasures I offer. Don't just take my word for it; explore and experience it for yourself!


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